Brushfire Plague makes some great summer reading!
BP on the beach
What does a bloody Pez Dispenser have to do with the Brushfire Plague? It’s a reference to one of the more memorable scenes from the book.

Read it to find out!

My boys gave me this bloodied Pez Dispenser (hand painted by them) as a gift to celebrate when I signed the contract with my Publisher.

A Pez Dispenser is part of a scene that had a lot of impact on my eldest son.  He could not stop talking about that scene for weeks after reading the book. It is one of my favorite passages, so I couldn’t have been more thrilled when they gave this to me.

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The Plague is Spreading!  You cannot avoid infection…

One of the more dignified readers who has contacted me…but the sandals do clash with the pipe!







This one takes a minute to figure out…