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In Brushfire Plague, I set out first and foremost to tell a compelling tale with real, evolving, and engaging characters interacting within a dramatic storyline. Second, I wanted to focus on two things often neglected in this genre: the very first days and weeks as civilization is rocked to its core and how a group of neighbors might respond to the situation. Reading apocalyptic fiction, I always wanted to know more about how the civilization was upended and what it was like for the people forced to live through it. I have always been more engaged with those stories focusing on groups of people during such times; as opposed to those that focused on the “lone wolf” character. In Brushfire Plague, I also built in useful lessons about the value of being prepared for possible disruptions to our normal way of life.

I’ve been thrilled by the reception to Brushfire Plague.  A wide spectrum of readers have really enjoyed it–from avid readers of the genre to those who are brand new to it!  Some of the best comments have been from new readers in the genre who’ve commented, “you’ve given me something to think about” or “maybe I should have more than a few days of food on hand.”  I’ve also enjoyed hearing from dedicated survivalists who’ve appreciated the books realism and provoking them to think about issues they had not yet considered.
Updated:  Brushfire Plague: Reckoning
In the second book of the planned trilogy, Cooper faces dire consequences from the actions he takes in the first book.  I’m especially excited by the continued character development and particularly where I take Jake’s reaction to the chaos and death all around him.  The relationship between Cooper and his son continues to evolve and adds both drama and emotional engagement to the continued saga within Brushfire Plague. I hope you all enjoy reading about their journey, their challenges, and their reactions to it all as much as I did in writing it.
As ever, thank you all for your continued support.   I hope to hear from you!

Please contact me at rpruggiero@gmail.com with your comments about both novels.

To purchase a copy of Brushfire Plague, please click the link below. It is available in paper and e-book for Kindle.  Click here to order from Barnes and Noble for paperback or for the Nook e-reader.

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