Reviews for Brushfire Plague

–“Though I had some issues with this series I am eager to continue reading more in this series. I felt it did more good than wrong. Did a great job of pulling me into the universe created by the author. I was satisfied with the ending and left wanting more.”–

–“The main characters show true personality and growth as the story arc develops… It was an easy read, and well written.  It sounds cliche, but  had a hard time putting it down when it was time to go to sleep. I really enjoyed Brushfire Plague. .  If you like TEOTWAWKI fiction, you’ll love Brushfire Plague…”–  (interview too!)

–“Ruggiero has written a very entertaining apocalyptic novel that presents an entirely possible pandemic scenario through a cast of interesting and likeable characters. Bring on the sequel!’–

–“Brushfire Plague is riveting and fast paced.  Once I picked it up, it was hard to put down…The book portrayed in a realistic manner how people would react to a sudden disaster…Brushfire Plague has a great story that is quite believable.”–

–“Every once in a while, however, a survival novel crosses my path that is not only a relaxing and entertaining read, but also a though provoking primer on dealing with the unexpected consequences of the breakdown and collapse of society. The book Brushfire Plague, by R. P. Ruggiero is such a book and I do not say this lightly.”–backdoorsurvival

–“Oh my gosh – what a great read on many levels.  This was not only enjoyable as a novel but the takeaway was some serious considerations for use in a SHTF situations.”–Beforeitsnews

–“The rapid “brushfire” nature of this plague sets the tone for the story. It makes it fast. Action-packed. While it’s a book that looks at what would happen to society if such a plague hit, the heart of the story lies in the characters. Cooper is an average American husband and father that becomes driven by instinct to survive. He finds himself in extraordinary circumstances where he is both a hero … and a killer…Brushfire is tight.” 

–“This book is so worth your time and money…So this is a must read and share.  Better yet but two, keep one in your collection, and do a friend a solid.”–

–“Very well written, descriptive and character driven.  Unlike some “prepper” novels i have read, this one had great detail, from the smells of a burning city to the inner thoughts of a man losing his wife, I was very impressed.”–

–“The author does a very good job in exploring the characters responses and thought process without sounding corny or getting all weepy or emotional.  And there is quite enough action that you never bog down in the other aspects.  The story keeps you wanting more and the end is satisfying…Which I’ll be buying if I don’t get a review copy.  That’s how good the first one was…”

–“This is a fast-paced novel for anyone who loves action/adventure coupled with likable/believable characters. I have a son, and the main character’s courageous efforts to save his son’s life resonated with me. The deadly plague has a story of its own that keeps the reader thinking on multiple levels. Recommended!–Joe Nobody, a noted non-fiction and fiction author, including Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival, Without Rule of Law, and Holding Your Ground.

–“So it is my pleasure to recommend Brushfire Plague by R.P. Ruggiero. Frankly, this book is a refreshing departure from the spate of “survivalist” books on the market…The book is written in a very engaging style…The plot is conceivable, and the characters are credible. Mr. Ruggiero captures both the flaws and perfection of our human nature.”-Salvation and Survival (warning:  small spoiler alert near the end of the review)

–“…R.P. Ruggiero checks in with an action-packed and realistic novel of what happens when a fast-moving and highly-lethal virus overwhelms suburban Portland, Oregon and the rest of the world.  Lots to enjoy here, and lots to learn about prepping too, and how to handle yourself and the situations that unfold when society is breaking down from the effects of a relentless disaster.  Grab a copy of the book and settle in for a great read. Thumbs up!”– (podcast)

–“By chapter 2, I was hooked.  Brushfire Plague is definitely a page turner.  I read this book in two days flat.  I laughed out loud more than once, got frustrated with the hero for not being more prepared and empathized with the difficult decisions that were required.  I was caught by surprise by plot twists that I wasn’t expecting and thoroughly enjoyed the ride…I heartily recommend Brushfire Plague.”-paratusfamilia

–“Another thing I liked about the book is the concept of community coming together to care and protect itself…Nobody survives alone, life happens and she is a cruel mistress.”–

–“I just finished reading a book called Brush Fire Plague by R.P Ruggiero.  It was a book I quite enjoyed.”–

Watch SouthernBellePrepper’s video review here.  And, you can read her website review and interview with the author here.  Spoiler Alert…she recommends it!

See for reviews by readers of all kinds.

I’m thrilled to say that Brushfire Plague is appealing to a wide spectrum of readers–from those who don’t normally read this genre, to those who read it voraciously.  It’s also being enjoyed by–and having an impact on–those who have never considered preparing for anything outside of ‘normal’ life, to those who are very serious about being ready for anything.

A Sampling of Reader Reviews:

“Wow…One of the best I have read in the genre.”–Thomas, in Maryland.

“READ THIS BOOK … Yes, you! The action hooked me in the first few pages, but I couldn’t put it down because the characters are so believable I had to know what happened next.”–L.B. in Oregon

“I’m tired because I was up late reading it and then had nightmares.”–P.T. in California

“Entertains while presenting basic skills necessary for many emergency scenarios–a survival primer, if you will.  Characters are believable and engaging personalities, the plot is basic but well executed, and the book reads easily and smoothly.”–J.A. in Pennsylvania.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of relationship between  the characters–not a typical shoot ’em up book–that’s for sure.”–C.R. in Colorado.

“In Brushfire Plague, the characters and their environment drive the plot, not the other way around. It was an engrossing read, and I look forward to any sequel.”–W.P. in the District of Columbia

“Just finished this books.  It’s AWESOME!  Plus you might pick up some apocalypse survival tips along the way…and while I hope this kind of scenario never happens in real life, I might be a little more prepared for it after reading this book.”–B.D. in Alaska

“I was very impressed by this so far unknown author and his debut novel. The Brushfire Plague lacks in nothing and is well balanced in terms of action, character development and pace.”–P.R. in Oregon

“Stayed up way too late last night to finish it, but it was worth it! So good!”–S.W. in Massachusetts.

“Great story line and moved well. I finished it too soon. Now get busy writing the sequels. We hate to be left hanging off the cliffs. Great job!”–L.F. in Louisiana

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