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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading both your books. In the Brushfire Plague I, I liked the plausibility of the plot, the ingenuity of your craft in fiction writing, and the progression of the theme as the key discoveries were made that drove the action forward.

In Brushfire Plague II, the pace quickens even more and the plot rolls out more dynamically. The plus is the broad-based information about dealing with the prepping as well as the personal intrigues you develop.

I’m not much of a fiction reader, so the fact that I finished them both and am awaiting the 3rd volume is testament to your craft!”–James “Dr. Prepper” Talmage Stevens, noted author of “Making the Best of Basics”, a classic preparedness work with over 800,000 copies sold.

Brushfire Plague:  Reckoning

Survival can cost you dearly.

 After Cooper Adams tells the world the shocking truth about the origin of the catastrophic Brushfire Plague, he faces a series of dire consequences.  Driven from his home by betrayal, he flees with his son and others to a remote hideaway.  Their dangerous journey brings them face to face with a desperate world spiraling into collapse and new challenges that cost Cooper dearly.

 He soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict with a local strongman bent on domination of the local population.  When he strikes a blow for freedom against this petty tyrant, he faces impossible choices in trying to save his son’s life—and to protect his innocence. Amidst their daily battle to survive, Cooper is shocked to learn that the Brushfire Plague has new layers of treachery and conspiracy that continue to upend their world.

 Can Cooper Adams survive the violence, hunger, and a world racing toward Armageddon?  What will it take to elude those pursuing him to silence the truth? Will his son survive and at what cost? How will Cooper resolve the growing tension between two women that offer their own set of impossible choices?

 In the end, Cooper faces this reckoning with only a small band of trusted friends, his faith in the truth, and his fading hope that the crumbling world around them can somehow be salvaged.

The Truth can cost you even more.


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The first book in the Brushfire Plague trilogy is still available at Amazon.com in trade paperback and for the Kindle.  Click below to order or for additional information.  It is also available at Barnes and Noble in paperback and for the Nook.

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  1. Norm Olson says:

    Please pass this along to the Mr. Ruggiero,


    I’ve been reading the genre for some time. I’m well-known across America as a leader in the militia/patriot movement.
    I want to commend you for your writing ability. Please continue to meld detail with stark reality in the way you have done. So often, the stories are cold, detached, and impersonal. You’re writing has a way of touching the heart while never eliminating the very real crisis that surrounds the characters.
    Keep it up. You have a gift.

    Norm Olson, co-founder Michigan Militia
    Commander, Alaska Citizens Militia

  2. Dan Ward says:

    This is a very good book!! We are wondering when the second one is going to be published. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Dan! I’m working on the sequel now and my plan is to have it out by this coming summer! If you’re on Facebook, you can “like” the Brushfire Plague page and I’ll be updating there. Or, check back here from time to time. Finally, you can follow me on Twitter at @rpruggiero for news too.

      thanks again,

  3. Jennifer Hatfield says:

    Been waiting with bated breathe for this sequel to come out. Wouldn’t you know it, now it’s out and my Kindle is dead. New Kindle to be delivered on Wednesday and you can bet the sequel will be my first purchase. Truly enjoyed the first book and could not figure it out. It is an easy read, in fact, it’s hard to put down once you start. Boggles the mind to think about today’s world and reading this and thinking could this happen in the world today as we know it? Keep the good work up RP, would love to see this on the big screen !!

  4. David Moore says:

    Loved the first two books. Is there going to be a third and possibly more books? I hope so.


    D. Moore

    • admin says:

      Nice to hear from you! Definitely going to finish the trilogy. But, still working on it! Please review on Amazon and elsewhere to help spread the word. thanks!

  5. Jeremy says:

    I just wanted to drop a note that I’m very much looking forward to reading the third book in the series! Great work.

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